how to lose belly fat before and after

How to lose belly fat

Published by : Dexter on 05 April 2022

Don’t waste your time trying to spot reduce fat.

What does this mean? This means trying to burn fat in specific places on your body. For example an extremely unfortunate common mistake is people doing a bunch of ab exercises trying to burn the fat off their stomach. You cannot control or choose where you lose fat from. No exercise, diet or supplement will allow you to target a specific area. You need to focus on just trying to lose body fat overall. How do i focus on losing fat overall? You need to focus on doing big full body exercises multiple times per week. A mixture of bodyweight HIIT training and strength training to cover all bases. A combination of cardio and weight training will be your best bet to get the fat off and to provide shape to your physique.

Use effective strategies to put you into a deficit.

A calorie deficit means burning more calories than you consume. However that doesn’t just mean don’t eat or eat considerably less as that isn’t a healthy nor sustainable approach. This needs to be tackled methodically to allow for long term results that stick around to prevent your weight from yo-yoing all the time and ending back at square one. What strategies are there to put me into a deficit? The 3 main strategies i like to use with my clients that have helped many people are intermittent fasting, drinking lots of water and eating high volume low calorie foods. 

Intermittent fasting puts you into a deficit as it only allows you a certain amount of time each day to consume all your calories. Typically it would be a window like 1pm-7pm depending on lifestyle factors. This will make it much harder to over consume on calories if you can only start eating at a certain time and stop eating at a certain time.

Drinking lots of water, both still and or sparkling, will do a great job and filling up your stomach making you feel full and so you won’t be having an urge to snack on anything. 

Eating high volume low calorie foods is another great way of filling up your stomach making you feel full and satiated and so you won’t feel like you need more food. Examples are berries, watermelon, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, popcorn, oats, potatoes, carrots, rice cakes, lean meat. Most fruit and veg will also be great options however remember there still are a few fruits and veggies that are high calorie foods.... a big one that people love to eat but forget about it being very calorie dense is avocados.

Frequent walks throughout the day

 A big factor that prevents people from losing belly fat and fat overall is being sedentary for too much of the day. Planning going for walks in  your day is game changing for fat loss. If you can plan into your day going for 3x20 minute walks each day you will be surprised how much difference that makes. If you can break those walks up into one in the morning, afternoon and evening that would be ideal. Each walk is only 20 minutes which is not long at all and so they are easy to work into work/life routine. Planning these walks plus the miscellaneous steps you accumulate throughout the day you should be at 10k steps which is a great number to hit each day. Planning and actually doing these walks yes of course requires some effort and a little time but to reach your fat loss goals you need to make effort and put the work in, the fat isn’t going to burn off by itself.