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Top 5 tips for fat loss

Published by : Dex on 23 November 2021

Establish Your Maintenance Calories

In order to burn fat you need to be able to be in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time. This simply means to be burning off more calories than you consume. Establishing maintenance calories means finding the total amount of calories you can consume day to day without gaining nor losing weight to maintain your body weight, hence maintenance calories. This is best found by setting a base number of calories, for example 2000, and consistently eating that set amount for one week and seeing what happens to your weight. If you gain weight then you are eating too much. If you are losing weight then you’re eating too little. If your weight stays the same then that will be your maintenance calories amount. 

Picking Foods You Enjoy and Can Sustain Eating Long Term

To be able to lose weight you do not need to cut out all the foods you enjoy and only eat bland, simple boring foods. As long as a calorie deficit is achieved you can choose whatever foods you like. There is of course better and worse choices when considering optimality and health but the basic principle is simply to achieve a calorie deficit. Picking foods you enjoy and can eat sustainably long term is vital. Cutting out all enjoyable foods is NOT what is going to work for you. How many times have you tried cutting out bread, rice, pasta, sugar, potatoes and eventually gave in and quit the diet? Probably far too many and clearly a different approach is needed.

Set a Baseline Number of Steps You Need to Achieve Each Day

Aside from nutrition which obviously is extremely important when looking to lose weight, activity is also required to ensure you are putting yourself into a calorie deficit. Steps are an easy, low effort, cost free very effective way to burn calories throughout the day to help you achieve your deficit. 10k steps each day is a great goal to set and achieve everyday. It also has numerous other extremely beneficial health effects aside from fat loss. Things such as improving digestion, improving sleep, relieving stress, exercising your cardiovascular system and many other benefits that can’t go amiss

Stick to an Exercise Programme Based on Your Goals and Lifestyle

Alongside your nutrition and daily steps, doing harder higher intensity forms of exercise is imperative to help you achieve your fat loss goals. This exercise programme needs to be specific to the individual and designed with particular things incorporated. Things such as availability, current fitness level, current/previous injuries, time, how much fat to loose, form of exercise and a few other things to ensure a comprehensive, complete and effective programme for the individual. Then sticking to that programme week to week is going to ensure you’re burning the necessary amount of calories you need to burn to consistently be in a calorie deficit. 

Consistency is Key to Fat Loss

The reason why most people don’t achieve their end goal, or sustain their end goal, comes down to consistency. Everyone can temporarily stick to a diet and everyone can go to the gym for a few weeks and then quit. The people that are successful with getting rid of all the fat they want to burn off and keep it off are the people that stick to the sustainable diet and exercise programme and maintain some form of structure once the end goal is achieved. Its very common for people to ‘yoyo’ with their weight because once their goal is achieved they then have a ‘finished’ mentality. Yes you have achieved your goal but how do you think you’re going to maintain looking like this? You still need structure and routine to hold onto, or in this case keep off, everything you have worked for. Consistency really is the key for achieving the goal and once the goal is achieved.