Individual client results


Lee - 37 years old

Total lost 35kg over 24 weeks

This involved a training programme that I designed for weight loss based around two one on one sessions a week with me, and two sessions a week by himself. Part of this programme included a nutritional plan for his transformation.

Nick - 29 years old

Recomposition with simultaneous 4kg fat loss and muscle gain

This programme was based around simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain. This recomposition programme was critical and saw an equal and simultaneous loss of fat and muscle gain.

Charli - 28 years old

Total lost 15kg over 10 months

Charli's main goal was fat loss but she also wanted to set strength goals to achieve simultaneously which we met and exceeded. This means that whilst fat was burning off we were also shaping and strengthening her body. Charli trained with me twice a week and followed a calorie controlled flexible diet.

Maria - 29 years old

Total muscle gain 8kg over 12 months

Maria didn't want to lose too much body fat but her goal was to gain strength and muscle to add shape and flow to her physique so that she could feel more confident and look good in all clothing. Maria trained with me twice a week for 12 months and followed a higher protein calorie controlled structure.