The next best thing to face to face training

Personalised online Personal Training in Barnet £25 for 30 minutes

Online personal training is for anyone of any age, ability and goal. Don't think to yourself that this is not going to work for you and is only for others with other goals. My job is to make it work, which i will. During the online personal training sessions, we will also devise an exercise regime for you to follow when I'm not training you.

Even though I won't be with you in person I will still help you with anything related to nutrition and you can use your online training sessions to ask and talk about anything fitness related. You can be indoors at home or work, or outdoors in the garden or park. Just ensure that you are in a safe hazard free environment to perform all the necessary exercises safely. A good Internet connection is all you will need to ensure everything is being heard and seen correctly for both of us.

We can focus on a full body workout, or on specific areas, muscle groups or performance goals. These are your sessions so you tell me what you want to target and I will deliver the best approach. Full body sessions focus on muscle building, fat loss, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength training. We can use a mixture of bodyweight exercises, core exercises and weight training depending on what equipment you have.

These 30 minute sessions are 30 minutes for a reason as we will be taking a higher intensity approach. We will be covering all bases at a faster productive pace in our 30 minute window. This will really get your heart rate going and muscles burning. However don't worry, everyone's 'high intensity' is different. I will push you to YOUR high intensity, appropriate to your goal and ability. We will have more than enough time to cover and do everything required to achieve your goal.


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