Hi, I am Dexter Fellows, a mobile personal trainer based in Barnet, North London.

Over the years I have worked with over 100 individuals aged from as young as 9, right up to ages of 78, all who were trying to achieve their physique and fitness goals. Everyone's body is different, special and unique, so I treat them exactly in that way, ensuring that the training and nutrition for each client is tailor made to them.


£50 for 60 minutes
A fun and effective workout tailored to your specific goals. Whether that be muscle building, fat loss, or whatever your goal may be. A variety of training methods and techniques can be used.
Equipment provided
I bring a diverse amount of equipment with me to allow for multiple different styles of training to be used dependent on the goal at hand. You don't need to worry about having the right equipment.
I will come to you
Whether morning, daytime, or evening, I'm happy to work around your schedule. If you don't have any equipment, I have plenty to bring with me. If you have a home gym, I can train with your own resources.
Train indoors or outdoors
We don't need a big empty room or specific area for the sessions. Simply a space in your home with a little floor space is all thats needed. Inside or out your goals will still be achieved while enjoying it!
One on One training
I will be with you every step of the way to give you the instruction, motivation and attention to ensure that you achieve the results you are striving for. A key part of this however is that you enjoy the process.
Not just physical training
Getting in shape is not just the physical exercise. I will work with you to ensure that your mindset is right for your goals, and that your nutrition is complementing your training to ensure you reach your goals.


Enjoyable & sustainable
Learn how to eat enjoyably and sustainably to achieve the results you want whilst not restricting your favourite foods. I will show you how manipulating only a few small things can make a huge difference.
It is all in the picking
Carefully selecting certain food choices over others can alter your look, mood and bodily functions drastically. I will help you plan in your meals to gain the maximum results.
Not set in stone
Flexible eating is what I will teach you, and is an effective approach to use for fat loss or muscle building without it feeling like a restricted diet. Learn to maximise your nutrition easily.
It is all about timing
Losing fat or building muscle is not just about the physical training or simply eating the right foods, I will show you how eating different foods at specific times will make a huge difference.
Trianing with nutrition
I will ensure that your training programme is paired with a solid nutrition plan so that your everyday eating habits complement and work alongside your training which you can adopt for the long term.
Counting nutrition is key
I will teach you how simple it really is to accurately count and track calories and macro nutrients where it isn't boring and time consuming so that you can effortlessly eat different foods to achieve your goals.


The next best thing
If face to face training is not possible, don't worry. I offer one to one online personal training. Get great results and enjoyment out of online personal training like you would, all from your computer.
Accept the challenge
I will put you through your paces with a variety of challenging movements and exercises to work the muscles and areas you want to target so that you can achieve your goals.
Burning fat online
With my online assistance we'll get your heart rate going with specific exercises, burning through all of those calories to get rid of that stubborn body fat that you want to lose.
Online training
I will use a mixture of bodyweight and weight training exercises, depending on what you have to hand, to challenge every area of your body to get the largest caloric burn and muscular stimulation.
Online core training
We'll work through all different forms of core exercises and movements to challenge and strengthen all aspects of your core making your ab muscles more visible and defined. A strong core is the outcome.
No restrictions
Online personal training can be done absolutely anywhere. Whether that be in your home, at work or in the park, we are not restricted to location, as long as you have an internet connection.

What my clients say

  • I have been working with Dexter for almost 3 years. I didn't feel comfortable going to a regular gym as I am a bit older and a little self-conscious. As an older lady it was important that I developed strength in order to keep prevent bone loss, keep mobility and limit weight gain. Dexter always made me feel comfortable and did help me to keep going when it was difficult. For me it was important to have someone who can help you especially if you don't think you are disciplined enough to do it yourself. He is always friendly and professional feel very listened to also."

    Anele Waters

  • When I initially came to Dexter, I wasn't in good shape whatsoever. Not necessarily from a physical perspective but my general lifestyle. Yes I was overweight slightly but my mental well-being and my lifestyle was all over the place. After only 4 weeks of training sessions my stress levels were hugely reduced and my confidence immensely increased. I was losing weight and gaining strength throughout my entire body. My core strength is now at a level where I actually feel like I have a core and aren't hurting my lower back anymore. Can't thank Dexter enough! Certainly worth the investment for the short and long run!”

    Joe Weston

  • I have been training with Dexter for 6 months and in that time my overall fitness and general wellbeing have improved week on week. Dexter loves his job and that comes across in his commitment to his clients. He is completely professional and provides the appropriate training intensity for me considering my age, fitness level and goal. He does not come along with a one size fits all attitude; he is happy to adjust each session to meet the client's requirements on the day. I would be happy to recommend Dexter to any age range - teenager to senior. He has the skill to inspire and encourage clients of any age and at any fitness level to achieve their individual goals.

    Sheilagh McAuley

  • I was a little nervous to begin with as I have never had a personal trainer before and wasn't sure if it would be worth the investment. Well I can definitely say it was! I was a little worried that with it being in my own home it would feel a little stale and not very motivating. However, Dexter is talkative and professional and made me feel settled and confident. Very convenient too being at my own place with no travel involved straight after work. I wanted to gain muscle and lose body fat and not only have I achieved that but a lot more too. Very pleased thus far!

    Roxanne Navas

  • What a change I have seen already. Built a great foundation of muscle and fat loss simultaneously giving me a completely different look and just feel so much better. Lots more energy and confidence. Worth all of the challenging workouts for sure!"

    Reece Jenckins